Buying a Van

If you've decided that you need a van, either for personal use or for your business, you now need to decide what to buy out of the enormous choice available. First of all, vans are not ideal for every business but for some they are indispensable - almost a tool of the trade.

Choosing a van may seem like a simple and straightforward decision but the wrong choice could be costly. Do you need a commercial vehicle such as a van, or would a car suffice? Our van guide is here to help.

Whether you need a van will depend on your type of business and where you are based - gardeners, plumbers and electricians, for example need to carry around a lot of equuipment. This could be equipment such as power tools, potted plants, glass panes or paintings. If, for 99% of the time you need a vehicle to ferry people rather than goods, a van is not for you.

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Work out how much use you'll get out of the van. If you'll use it once a week or more, then a van will be invaluable. If you expect to use it less regularly, however, then your local short-term hire company will be more cost-effective. In many situations, it's a good idea to start off hiring and then go in for a purchase as business improves. You might start off with only one or two deliveries/jobs every now and then, but if business improves a van will become necessary.

One thing to remember is that commercial vehicles or vans are extremely popular with thieves. If you do opt to buy one, try not to store any expensive tools or equipment in the vehicle overnight. More importantly, make sure you have comprehensive van insurance that will protect your van and your business in the event of the worst.

If you've decided to buy a van, consider carefully whether you should buy or lease. Remember, vans come in many different shapes and sizes, so you must have a fairly accurate idea of the dimensions you require before walking on to the forecourt. There are also many specifications and upgrades available that can push up the price of your vehicle. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your van then they may be worth it, but always keep your profit margins in mind.

Vans start at about GBP13,000 for smaller models such as a Volkswagen Caddy up to approximately GBP21,000 for a Renault Master. This is a rough guide and you may be able to beat these prices, especially if you choose to buy second hand. So, make your choice and off you go.

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