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Third party type van insurances - do not cover you for damage to your own vehicle or property - the same as your general car insurance. It will generally cover for you third party, fire and theft only.

Comprehensive van insurance policies - give you better cover for claims such as damage to your own vehicles as well as third party, fire and theft but you will pay an 'excess'. Excesses vary but are typically GBP100-250 - you will pay this amount on any 'accidental' damage claim and the van insurer will pay the rest.

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Restrictions - will be placed on what you can use your van for and who may drive it. Your van insurer may only cover the van or commercial vehicle whilst being driven by certain named drivers. Commercial vehicles or van must be insured for the particular type of activity that they are being used for - you will need to be specific about this to your van insurer.

Types of insurance - following on from above, there are generally 3 insurance types:

With haulage and courier insurance you may also need a separate 'goods in transit' insurance policy to cover the goods. Tradesmen can sometimes get tools cover as an optional extra on their own public liability insurance.

The most common 'add-on' is legal protection insurance. This will provide you with help to recover your uninsured losses if you have an accident where you are not at fault. This might be when, if you have third party cover only and another road user runs into the back of your car. The damage to your vehicle is not covered by your insurance, but should be covered by the other driver's insurance. Legal protection insurance then gives you access to someone with the skills and ability to make sure that the other driver's insurance company pays you properly and promptly. Your van may be un-roadworthy as a result of the accident - they will help you get a hire van paid for by the other driver's insurance company. This is normally provided by your insurance company regardless if you have comprehensive van insurance, but you may still have uninsured losses such as your excess. The legal protection insurance will provide you with the help to get this back from the other driver.

Another popular add-on to van insurance is breakdown cover for your van - this is normally better value than buying this as a standalone product.

Make sure you check out all these terms when you buy your commercial vehicle insurance or van insurance - buying online is often easier and you will be able to find out all this information from the van insurer's website.

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