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It's vital to make sure you've got adequate van insurance cover for your business - the problem is all that insurance jargon can sometimes make it tricky to work out exactly what cover you do and don't need.

There are two mandatory insurance requirements all business owners should be aware of. While they are mandatory they only affect you if you have employees or a commercial vehicle or van. The most important of these is Employers' Liability; if you employ anyone, even on a casual basis or part-time, you'll need this cover. This will cover the cost of any compensation you may have to pay out if your employees are injured, or they suffer an illness caused by work.

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If you use a vehicle or van for business - no matter if it's your own car or a company van - you must have van insurance. If you use your van for work, as well as personal use, you need to make sure that your insurance certificate covers both types of use and this will mean extending your existing policy to Class One.

If you want other drivers to be able to use your van or commercial vehicle for business then you will need Class Two cover. And if you need to be covered for commercial travelling (ie travelling from place to place in search of customers) then you'll need Class Three cover.

If you have a van or commercial vehicle used specifically for business you may also need commercial vehicle insurance or van insurance. This cover should provide you with a courtesy vehicle while yours is being repaired and third party cover for any trailer attached to your vehicle.

If you need to haul your products around the country then it's worth investigating goods in transit cover as part of your van insurance. This covers the items being transported for damage, loss or theft whether they're being carried by road haulier, courier, by post or in your own vehicle. The policy should also cover you for other business journeys such as door-to-door deliveries and making trips to the cash and carry.

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