Van Security Advice

Security is a major issue for all van and commercial vehicle owners. If you can prevent your vehicle from getting damaged or stolen, you won't have to make an insurance claim which can mean the preservation of your no claims bonus and also keeping your van insurance premiums lower.

A good starter is to always have your vehicles registration number or vehicle identification number (VIN) engraved onto all glass surfaces - even things like headlights and windows. The more surfaces you have etched, the more likely it is that the police will be able to track your van or commercial vehicle to you if and when they find it.

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Simple, commonsense precautions are also worth doing. Never leave any documentation lying around in your van. Items that include payment details, addresses or even unopened post can all attract vehicle thieves. Also, always ensure that alarms are correctly installed and activated when you leave your van unattended, even for short periods. Alarms approved by Thatcham are not only more effective, but will also mean that you receive a discount on your van insurance - sometimes up to 7.5%,

Get a lockable petrol cap if your van doesn't come with one pre-installed - various companies supply these, and it gives your van orcommercial vehicle added security. Also, fit lockable wheel nuts on all wheels. These are very cheap but are very effective as a deterrent. Try and instill these small tips into all your drivers - and yourself.

Always make sure that you lock and secure all the doors, windows and rear entry points on your vans every time the vehicle is left unattended. A locked vehicle is far harder to steal than an unocked one. If possible, stock up on fuel before your journey or on-site, and purchase any extras like drinks, food and newspapers beforehand - the less stops you make (leaving your vehicle unattended) the more secure it will be. You can even have your van or commercial vehicle or van fitted with roof markings, which help police air units if they have been stolen.

Also, make sure that you have good quality commercial vehicle insurance or van insurance in case the worst happens - it's often the most important accessory you buy for your van.

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